Salem General Dentistry

In addition to providing general dentistry and preventive services, our Salem dental practice offers implant surgical and restorative care as well as comprehensive orthodontic treatment for children and adults. Our dental team members are exceptionally well trained and educated to care for you in the best possible manner.

Sedation Dentistry

We recognize and appreciate individual preferences in our approach to dental care. We offer advanced sedation techniques to help our patients receive the excellent dental care they expect in a comfortable, calm, and safe environment. Dr. Boehne has received advanced training and is fully credentialed and licensed in the administration of IV sedation, as well as other methods of sedation. In addition, Dr. Boehne is ACLS certified, and all staff members are BLS certified. If you think advanced sedation services could be of benefit to you, a close friend, or a family member, we encourage you to call our office for more information.

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